How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Aug 02 2009

"Get __ of yourself!" AHOLD
"Jump the shark," e.g. IDIOM
"Odyssey" enchantress CIRCE
"Songs in A Minor" album maker Alicia KEYS
1960 Olympic figure skating gold medalist Carol HEISS
1987 Beatty bomb ISHTAR
Agree to unite SAYIDO
Air France destination ORLY
All lathered up SOAPY
Arduous journey TREK
Atlanta suburb SMYRNA
Attorney general under Reagan MEESE
Bar belts SNORTS
Basic principle TENET
Become decent? DRESS
Bumps up RAISES
Cameo shape OVAL
Capital north of Sacramento SALEM
Censor's deletion OATH
Chanted words MANTRAS
Charlie Brown's creator SCHULZ
Cheer from an ass? SUPPORTBRAY
Cheese tray choice EDAM
Chum, e.g. BAIT
City on the Elbe DRESDEN
Cloth dealer, in Cambridge DRAPER
Collectors' targets DEBTORS
Conference call? MANYTOMANYCHAT
Cooling-off period? ICEAGE
Cordage fibers ISTLES
Corp. alias DBA
Creator of an immortal 1852 lexicon ROGET
Debs in politics EUGENE
Dionysian attendants SATYRS
DNC part: Abbr. DEM
Downfall DEMISE
Dramatic beginning? MELO
Dutch artist Jan van der __ van Delft MEER
Early 11th century year MII
Editor's mixed bag? GOODCOPYBADCOPY
Encroach (upon) INFRINGE
Eucalyptus muncher KOALA
Fast times? LENTS
Feature of Goliath, but not giants HARDG
Fighting ender TRUCE
Fitness magazine SELF
Followers of zetas ETAS
Former "Last Comic Standing" host Jay MOHR
Former Sony brand AIWA
Gathering clouds and such OMENS
Get going PROPEL
Go head to head VIE
Grafton's "__ for Noose" NIS
Guarded bars INGOTS
Gung-ho RAHRAH
Hamlet's cry after finding a gem? AYTHERESTHERUBY
Handle things COPE
Hard to grasp EELY
Hardly boastful MODEST
Hot item CRAZE
Ice cream thickener AGAR
Intl. commerce group since 1995 WTO
Involve ENTAIL
Isle of Mull neighbor IONA
Joe's con man buddy in "Midnight Cowboy" RATSO
Jostle ELBOW
King Zog's capital TIRANA
Layered do SHAG
Like British bishops MITRED
Like fairy tale stepmothers EVIL
Ltrs. in a letter ATTN
Main street ARTERIAL
Makes true ALIGNS
Math ratio SINE
Melodramatic cry WOEISME
More like best buds TIGHTER
Much of Egypt SAHARA
Nautical time units BELLS
Occult figures MYSTICS
Off the shelf SOLD
OR hookups IVS
Overt play for sympathy? OPENPITYMINING
Page with essays OPED
Parcels (out) METES
Passed gradually SEEPED
Pastoral piece IDYLL
Period of note EPOCH
Pine distillates TARS
Police crisis acronym SWAT
Political VIPs BOSSES
Polo of "Meet the Fockers" TERI
Princess's topper TIARA
Pump bottoms SOLES
Put on the table, say SETDOWN
Range mostly in Russia URALS
Ray's opponent ORIOLE
Religion founded in the Punjab SIKHISM
Relocation: Abbr. TFR
Scorecard listings ROSTERS
SeaWorld star SHAMU
Second Commandment preposition UNTO
Secrecy metaphors CLOSETS
Severe spasm THROE
Shogun's capital EDO
Skelton's Kadiddlehopper CLEM
Skip along the water DAP
Skittish about almost everything? WORLDWARY
Sleep disturbance APNEA
Soft, in a way LENIENT
Some appliances GES
Some El Prado works GOYAS
Sot's syllable HIC
State stat AREA
Stud site EARLOBE
Subject to being wiped out ERASABLE
Successful cabbies? BUSYDRIVERS
Team with a star logo ASTROS
Thick stick-in-the-mud? DENSEFOGY
Those, in Tijuana ESAS
Tom Hayden's '60s org. SDS
Turn a corner, in Monopoly PASSGO
Turned on the waterworks CRIED
Undermined ERODED
Unruffled SERENE
Valuable strings AMATIS
Wagner works OPERAS
Wall climber VINE
Wall Street org. ASE
Wavy lines, in comics ODOR
Way around Disneyland MONORAIL
Weapon with a bell guard EPEE
Western star with a whip LARUE
Wiseacre SMARTY
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