How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Aug 01 2010

"Evita" role CHE
"If I Were King of the Forest" singer LAHR
"m" and "n" sounds NASALS
"Song of Myself" poet WHITMAN
"The Red" guy ERIC
"The Wizard of Oz" tunesmith ARLEN
Agate and jasper QUARTZES
Agate relative TIGERSEYE
Alphabetical orders? BLTS
Anaheim stadium nickname BIGA
Andy's kid OPIE
Apple product IPOD
Ballpark figure STAT
Ballpark figure follower ORSO
Baseball's Durocher LEO
Beach book genre ESCAPE
Bit of baloney LIE
Bizet work OPERA
Bodybuilder HEMAN
Bodybuilder's target FLAB
Bodybuilder's target, briefly LAT
Bookplate words EXLIBRIS
Botanist Gray ASA
Brit's school exam ALEVEL
Broadway successes HITS
Burn balm ALOE
CD changers, at times DJS
Celebrate in a big way WHOOPITUP
Certain dancer's hope RAIN
Charge card charge FEE
Cheering in a big way AROAR
Citrus drinks FRESCAS
Communion cups CHALICES
Condiments aisle dispute? CATSUPBATTLE
Confed. monogram REL
Corp. alias DBA
Couple that's always at it? CLASHMATES
Critic with an influential thumb EBERT
Crossword components GRIDS
Curlew or plover SHOREBIRD
Dagger handles HAFTS
Diet guru Jenny CRAIG
Dogsledding gear PARKA
Double-digit sign? VEE
Drama opening? MELO
Empty, as a desk CLEAROUT
Ending with Japan ESE
Env. directive ATTN
Eroded, with "away" ATE
Flap-doored homes TEPEES
Fräulein's upper OBER
Gardner that sounds like a peer ERLE
Golfer's "flat stick" PUTTER
Grammar class skirmishes? PREPOSITIONALFRAYS
Handlers in a bucket ICETONGS
Honey holders JARS
Hostility between pinky wrestlers? FINGERFEUD
Ice cream order ONESCOOP
It's disposable online ECASH
It's trolled at Christmas CAROL
Italian cornmeal dish POLENTA
Jeeves's boss __ Wooster, in Wodehouse novels BERTIE
Key of four Beethoven piano sonatas EFLAT
Knotty situation? NODUS
Lecture site HALL
Like 2-Down NORSE
Like fall air, often NIPPY
Like italics ASLANT
Like minor hardships ENDURABLE
Like some Byzantine art ICONIC
Like the Elks FRATERNAL
Looker in a free-for-all? THEBELLEOFTHEBRAWL
Lovers' liaison TRYST
Main blood line AORTA
Mason's assistant STREET
McCain's st. ARIZ
Monogram pts. LTRS
Mouse order RODENTIA
Nile snake ASP
Not a good way to come up SHORT
NPR host Hansen LIANE
Nuptial pronoun OURS
Old U.S. gas ESSO
Online sidebar headings FAQS
Open, as a scroll UNROLL
Part of EST: Abbr. STD
Pasta before an affaire d'honneur? DUELCARBS
Peer that sounds like a Gardner EARL
Poking tool AWL
Polo designer LAUREN
Pool owner's concern ALGAE
Principle TENET
Pro follower RATA
Protective gear for public disorder? RIOTGUARD
Redder inside RARER
Rep. AGT
Ret. fliers SSTS
Roger Bannister, notably MILER
Seasonal flue shouts HOHOS
See 16-Down SKELTER
Shaved to the max CLOSECUT
Shout after a hook, maybe FORE
Sibilant signal PSST
Skillful ADEPT
Slip ERR
Smokey Bear, e.g. MASCOT
Solid alcohol STEROL
Some fuel suffixes ANES
Some jazz combos TRIOS
Speaker's platform DAIS
Spy name HARI
Stingray, e.g., for short VETTE
Stop at sea, with "to" HEAVE
Swallow greedily ENGORGE
T-shirt orders XLS
Table game for tusslers? SCUFFLEBOARD
Tabloid fodder DIRT
Taken-back auto REPO
Talk turkey? GOBBLE
Tele- ending THON
Tense time? PAST
Toque wearer CHEF
Tossed in ADDED
Twice-monthly tide NEAP
Ultimate words? OBIT
Ultimatum words ORELSE
Uplifting garb BRA
Very blue state DESPAIR
Village BOURG
Violin add-on IST
With 55-Down, Beatles song with the line "You may be a lover but you ain't no dancer" HELTER
Worry FRET
__ avail TONO
__ race RAT
__ race DRAG
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