How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Apr 29 2018

"Full House," but not "House" sitcom
"Into the Wild" star Hirsch emile
"Morning Edition" airer npr
"Oh dear!" mymy
"Sad to say ... " alas
"The Martian" star damon
"The X-Files" org fbi
"You can't be serious!" ibegyourpardon
18-Down, at times mole
1962 Lawrence portrayer otoole
A.L. West pro, informally stro
ABO system abbr neg
About to deliver inlabor
Air carrier duct
All NBA players men
Angled fished
Angled piece ell
As a whole intoto
Beehive State native ute
Being judged ontrial
Blue side union
Bookish set literati
Breed from Honshu akita
Cap joint knee
Capital of Switzerland? ess
Clarifying words asin
Cornerstone word anno
Cow chow alfalfa
Creepy starer ogler
Cringe-worthy YouTube subject epicfail
Dandy guys fops
Digital displays, briefly lcds
Diner sandwich melt
Dojo action judokick
Donkey Kong looks like one ape
Drink with a domed cover icee
Dropping-off places? sleepingcars
Drs.' publication jama
Earthen wall berm
Embrace enfold
Emulate a hot dog pant
Enemy in a Le Carré novel kgbspy
Entertains at the penthouse hasup
Error misstep
Explosive matter, briefly nitro
Famous last words? etal
Film __ noir
Fingers-in-ears syllables lalala
First name in makeup estee
Five Pillars faith islam
Focus for clérigos dios
Food __: listlessness after a large meal coma
Former sea that's now part desert aral
Gloomy __ gus
Gloria Estefan, for one latina
Gridiron gripper cleat
H&R Block calculation personalincometax
Hamilton, for one americanrevolutionary
Headliners leadacts
Heart lines?: Abbr ekgs
High-tech agent bot
Hindustani tongue urdu
Historic WWII B-29 enolagay
Hold up rob
Hot __ tub
Hulce or Hanks tom
Immediately atonce
Impulse-conducting cell neuron
Individual with limited skills onetrickpony
Inexperienced green
Inventor Rubik erno
Judge's assessment fine
K-pop city seoul
Kiss drummer Eric carr
Lake Wobegon creator keillor
Lao Tzu's "way" tao
Light controller in a lens iris
Like rolled carpet unlaid
Like the opening of "The Wizard of Oz" sepia
Long. counterpart lat
Low sad
Mennonites, e.g sect
Meter measure usage
Microwave concern arcing
N-S Manhattan road ave
Oakland's Oracle, e.g arena
Obligation debt
Old Spanish bread peseta
Olive, for one tree
On atop
Outpourings spates
Part of a plot inonit
Peru grazer llama
Polynesian Disney heroine moana
Pot starter ante
Pour, e.g rain
PTA member mom
Pump measurement octane
Put in new film reload
Raven's sound croak
Recreational area with pipes, bowls and ramps skateboardpark
Red choice cabernetsauvignon
Ref. for wordsmiths oed
Ribs unit rack
Road goo tar
SAT scores, e.g nos
Schuss or slalom ski
Shooters with straps, for short slrs
Shooting competition skeet
Sign in logon
Sign, as a contract ink
Skip ignore
Skirt type maxi
Slugging Sammy sosa
Small-runway mil. craft stol
Sock part toe
Soother balm
Sources of deck wood teaks
Spread on toast oleo
Standard Oil brand esso
Starting quartet abcd
Stick on, in a way tapeto
Storm sounds claps
Sundial seven vii
Sweetie, in slang bae
Sworn words ido
They may be footed pajamas
Three-word defense iamso
Throw away, in a way delete
Times-changing workers? editors
Tony's cousins emmys
Twin sister of Apollo artemis
Two-dimensional size area
UMass' conference aten
Unacceptable to some, for short notpc
Unrealistic dreaming
Volkswagen sedan jetta
Zany loony
Zero input nosay
[Oh no!] gasp
__ about onor
__ contract oral
__ mother den
__-out: total all
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