How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Apr 23 2019

"Best in Show" org akc
"Bill & __ Excellent Adventure" teds
"Little" Dickens girl nell
"The Da Vinci Code" author Brown dan
"__ Been Awhile": Staind song its
Barcelona buddy amigo
Big on into
Blackjack card ace
Boxing matches bouts
Busy IRS month apr
Canonized Fr. female ste
Cap'n's underling bosn
Capp and Capone als
Chimp kin orang
China's Zhou __ enlai
Columnist Landers ann
Cookie cooker oven
Dainty taste sip
Descendants scions
Docking fee moorage
Doesn't miss a thing seesall
Enjoy a comic book, say read
Epic journey odyssey
Fall back (on) rely
Fast-food legend Ray kroc
Fisher-Price product toy
Fluttering pitch knuckleball
Forbes publisher Forbes malcolm
Gaza Strip gp plo
Gelatin dish aspic
Grand Canyon animal mule
Greek cheese feta
Hang around loll
High: Pref alti
Hog's nose snout
Hopeless case goner
Horse's footwear shoe
Innocuous falsehood fib
Israeli president, 2007-2014 peres
Kalahari mongoose meerkat
Like teenagers in the comic strip "Zits" skinny
Little rascal imp
Lost in thought pensive
Mars or Venus orb
Mideast ruler emir
Musician Yoko ono
Native American in a Cooper title mohican
New York region, or its narrow bodies of water fingerlakes
NFL analyst Tony romo
Not aligned with aliento
Not at home out
Not yet born inutero
Objective aim
Org. hacked at its Watergate offices dnc
Petit or grand crime larceny
Popular necktie knot ... and a hint to the starts of 17-, 24-, 33- and 51-Across fourinhand
Precious stones gems
Require much (of) askalot
Rifle filler ammo
Scattered, as seeds sown
Sgt. or cpl nco
Signed on for another tour reupped
Skill rarely practiced now lostart
Slimming surg lipo
Slugging legend Mel ott
Small plucked instrument thumbpiano
Source of machismo, perhaps maleego
Ten-percenter: Abbr agt
Toward the tiller aft
Trophy shape cup
Tropical tree leaf palmfrond
Tylenol target pain
Unpaid debt arrear
Vital heart line aorta
Was victorious won
Wyoming's __ Range teton
__ King Cole nat
__ of honor matron
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