How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Apr 15 2014

"Breaking Bad" award EMMY
"Breaking Bad" law org DEA
18th-century composer Thomas ARNE
1960s White House nickname LADYBIRD
2014 Olympics skating analyst Ohno APOLO
Actress Perlman RHEA
Angled pipe fitting ELL
Anonymous Jane DOE
Arrival en masse INRUSH
Australian gemstone OPAL
British "Bye-bye" TATA
Bumped into MET
Café serving group WAITSTAFF
Caffeination station COFFEEBAR
Chase flies or grounders FIELD
Chop with an ax HEW
Circular current EDDY
Clearasil target ACNE
Color HUE
Combatively supportive MILITANT
Composer's output, and where to find the last words of 17-, 26-, 40- and 55-Across SHEETMUSIC
Crisis phone service HOTLINE
Dressed CLAD
Electronic eavesdropping org NSA
Eric of "Spamalot" IDLE
Every one ALL
Expert PRO
Fast-running bird OSTRICH
Fire-breathing Greek monster CHIMERA
Flawless IDEAL
Folded manuscript sheet FOLIO
Gardening tool HOE
Golf targets HOLES
Here, to Henri ICI
Hiss and hum NOISES
Hollywood hrs PST
Jalopy HEAP
Journey TRIP
Karate instructor SENSEI
Kenya neighbor: Abbr SOM
Kept secret HID
Kibbutz country ISRAEL
Let loose FREED
Light bulb unit WATT
Lose one's cool PANIC
Manicurist's concern NAIL
Meat-and-potatoes dish STEW
Men's Wearhouse items SLACKS
Money in the mattress, e.g STASH
More like child's play EASIER
Ocean predator ORCA
On a cruise, say ATSEA
Online crafts marketplace ETSY
Out of bed ASTIR
Part of Uncle Sam's outfit TOPHAT
Penta- plus three OCTA
Portfolio-increasing market moves UPS
Pre-euro Spanish coin PESETA
Quick gander PEEK
Rain-on-the-roof rhythm PITAPAT
Religious sister NUN
Repair shop fig EST
Replayed tennis serve LET
Respectful titles SIRS
Saintly ring HALO
Self-absorption EGOISM
SFO posting ETA
Shed, with "off" SLOUGH
Sicilian volcano ETNA
Snorkeling areas REEFS
Solar or lunar phenomenon ECLIPSE
Tees off IRES
They're found in veins ORES
Turn on AROUSE
Vessel for the Mad Hatter TEACUP
Wire insulator TAPE
Yellow sticky brand POSTITNOTE
Zany escapade CAPER
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