How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Apr 09 2019

"My Heart Will Go On" singer Celine dion
"Please don't bite me!" nicedog
"Pronto" letters asap
"Proven," in proofs qed
"Star Wars" warrior jedi
"To reiterate ... " irepeat
"Valley of the Dolls" author Jacqueline susann
"Who's there?" response itsme
*Employee insurance coverage, briefly workerscomp
*Hotel bed choice queensize
*Persist despite difficulty soldieron
*Unmanned aerial attack dronestrike
11 p.m. personality newsman
Amtrak employees engineers
Animal that can learn sign language ape
Annoy irk
Apple tablet ipad
Baking soda amt tsp
Bausch partner lomb
Be under the weather ail
Big name in canned meat armour
Blight-stricken tree elm
Blu-ray buy disc
Cardiologist's implant stent
Carrots, for snowmen noses
Church officers deacons
Colorado's __ Peak pikes
Deceived liedto
Docs who deliver obs
Exxon, formerly esso
Flee to wed elope
French school ecole
From __ Z ato
Gig component set
Golfer's goal par
Hardly the best thirdrate
Hint of the future omen
Home in the woods den
Homer's neighbor ned
Installs, as a minister ordains
It may be bruised ego
Japanese golf great Aoki isao
Jason's ship argo
Laptop brand that sounds like a top tennis player acer
Lawn mower brand toro
Like one's prized music collection, perhaps oncd
Like sunset-silhouetted scenery rearlit
Lo __: noodle dish mein
Makes an effort tries
Mentalist's "gift" esp
Mexican mother madre
On a scale of one to __ ten
Parting site in Exodus redsea
Pays homage to honors
Persistently worry nagat
Peter of Peter, Paul & Mary yarrow
Poet Pound ezra
Prefix with corn or cycle uni
Quick breaths gasps
Rank above maj col
Ranted (at) jawed
Sacred place shrine
Sculler's need oar
Serious no-no taboo
Shrek's kiss made Fiona one for good ogress
Skin care prefix derma
Sleep in a bag, maybe camp
Small store shop
Small water birds coots
Snail trail slime
Sound like an ass bray
Sounds like a crow caws
Sunset direction west
Symbolic Egyptian snake, which includes the start of a hint to the answers to starred clues asp
Take a load off rest
Treaded winter vehicle snocat
Treating kindly goodto
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