How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Apr 07 2018

"Camptown Races" refrain syllables doodah
"It's Raining __": The Weather Girls hit men
"Quit it with the attitude!" dontsassme
"__ a date!" its
"__ begins in delight and ends in wisdom": Frost apoem
2001 scandal subject enron
Ancient performance halls odea
Antioxidant-rich berry acai
Arab Spring city tunis
Arcing recess apse
Begin to fast? stead
Best Actress between Jennifer and Julianne cate
Bolo ties or bell-bottoms fashioncraze
Brick partner mortar
Building blocks for tots abcs
Carbolic acid phenol
Certain cycle rinse
Charge fee
Chocolates, e.g labs
College in Claremont, California pomona
Crispy triangle dorito
Depresses dampens
Development units homes
Dogs follow them scents
Duplicates dittos
Expression maker coiner
Extend stretch
Former Fox News anchor Van Susteren greta
Franklin spelled it out respect
Glutton pig
Got into a pickle? ate
Graduates alumni
Grisham hero, often: Abbr att
Han and Leia's son Kylo __ ren
Holds up robs
Indignant reply idoso
Intervention target user
Kind sort
Kind of baseball league for pre-Little Leaguers peewee
Kinda equivalent ish
Laker great, familiarly kobe
Lawn grass genus zoysia
Like much table salt iodized
Like some restaurant boxes togo
Lost control in a big way rioted
Media co. based in D.C. and Fla upi
Not go off-script toetheline
One of two possible Passover mos apr
One using bugs spy
Raccoon kin coati
Read carefully perused
Ring stats tkos
Row tiff
Ruled by thieves kleptocratic
Shares expenses, in a way goesdutch
Sip nurse
Star-studded hunter orion
Start over reset
Targets zeroesinon
They may be blonde or red ales
They take forever eternities
They're hidden annually eastereggs
Throw below deck, say stow
University dept eng
What you might get on a day off slowstart
Where thoughts can be organized scrappaper
Word with neck or cut crew
WWII arena eto
Xi preceders nus
Zero-star fare glop
__ jure: by the law itself ipso
__ punk: No Doubt genre ska
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