How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Apr 06 2014

"Encore!" AGAIN
"Lohengrin" heroine ELSA
"Microsoft sound" composer ENO
"The Simpsons" bus driver OTTO
"West Side Story" duet TONIGHT
"Who knew?" IHADNOIDEA
"__ girl!" ATTA
-y to the max IEST
2002 Adam Sandler role MRDEEDS
2004 Grey Goose acquirer BACARDI
50 different ones were released over a 10-year period starting in 1999 STATEQUARTERS
Admit, with "up" FESS
Anti-doping targets, briefly PEDS
Archeological sites FOSSILDIGS
Aunt with a "Cope Book" ERMA
Badger NAG
Baja bear OSA
Ball queen BELLE
Bed with bars BABYCRIB
Beta release, e.g TESTRUN
Big name in packaged soups KNORR
Big party BASH
Bird in a covey QUAIL
Blown away AWED
Blue SAD
Break indicator EMDASH
Brest milk LAIT
Brew choice ALE
Brillo, for one SCOURINGPAD
Bus. course ECON
California nine, in sports crawl lines LAA
Canonized mlle STE
Central idea THEME
Challenges DARES
Chocolate Mr GOODBAR
City on Utah Lake OREM
Classic muscle car GTO
Clucks of disapproval TUTS
Collector of views GALLUPPOLL
Court call LET
Criticize CARP
Cupcake cover ICING
Dancer Sally with just a few fans? RAND
Deal with SEETO
Do stuff HAIRGEL
Electronics chain RADIOSHACK
Embroidery slogan, and an alternative title for this puzzle HOMESWEETHOME
Enjoy Olive Garden, say EATOUT
Evening at Lake Como SERA
Fancy-sounding bedroom piece ARMOIRE
Faux __ PAS
Feels a strong need (for) STARVES
Final Four org NCAA
Form letters? IRS
Forum talk was in it LATIN
Fretted fiddle VIOL
Garage alternative LOT
Garage unit CAR
Get no laughs, as a joke FALLFLAT
Gospel singer Winans CECE
Guidelines CRITERIA
However, briefly THO
In most cases ASARULE
Include ADDIN
Indonesian island on its own sea BALI
Iowa city AMES
It may involve pasting EDITING
It merged with Penguin in 2013 RANDOMHOUSE
It's often reserved SEAT
John on the farm DEERE
Key chain ISLES
King Minos, e.g CRETAN
Leadership nucleus CADRE
Lummoxes APES
Make the grade CUTIT
Maker of old strings AMATI
Many an October baby LIBRA
Martha Stewart Living topic DECOR
Matched shirts and skirts? RHYMED
Mauna __ KEA
Melville tyrant AHAB
Met solo ARIA
Minnesota United FC org NASL
More than enough AMPLE
Mortgage feature? SILENTT
New England swimmer COD
Number of hills di Roma SETTE
One of the Allman Brothers DUANE
OneStep 600 producer POLAROID
Palestinian political party FATAH
Paper in a frame DIPLOMA
Party supply SODA
Pave over RETAR
Peach or cherry HUE
Pharaoh's cross ANKH
Play in a line SLACK
Plug in the den? TVAD
Pocahontas' spouse ROLFE
Prepare, as Parmesan GRATE
Pulled (in) REELED
Ring event BOUT
Roast host EMCEE
Salinger title 13-year-old ESME
Santa __: offshore winds ANAS
Say somethin', say? ELIDE
Secure with lines MOOR
Short smoke? CIG
Shut (in) HEM
Sign again REINK
Skelton's Kadiddlehopper CLEM
Slender-necked pear BOSC
Slide subjects AMOEBAS
Sochi no NYET
Sometime ally of Godzilla RODAN
Sound from a nest TRILL
Start bubbling, perhaps BOIL
Swiss calculus pioneer EULER
Syrian leader ASSAD
Thompson of "Family" SADA
Thoroughbred ancestor ARABIAN
Trailblazer PIONEER
Trap setter, when it works SNARER
Two-time U.S. Open winner Trevino LEE
Vanity item COMB
Verdi creation OPERA
Visibly embarrassed BEETRED
Wall St. locale NYC
Waste creator HASTE
Wheel spinner's buy ANE
Where agua flows RIO
Wise leader? OTHER
Wrestling holds NELSONS
Writer Rooney ANDY
Yosemite Sam's "Scram!" GIT
__ Monday: post-Thanksgiving event CYBER
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