How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Apr 01 2012

"A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" family NOLANS
"Categorical imperative" philosopher KANT
"Fear Street" series author RLSTINE
"Frontline" airer PBS
"Joyeux __!" NOEL
"Oh, my" DEARME
"Real dogs eat meat" brand ALPO
"Scrumptious!" YUM
"See, señor!" MIRA
"Such a lonely word," to Billy Joel HONESTY
"There's no step 3!" computer IMAC
"We wear short shorts" brand NAIR
"Well, __-di-dah!" LAH
"Why is a raven like a writing-desk?" inquirer MADHATTER
"__ doctor, not a bricklayer!": "Star Trek" line IMA
"__ fair in ..." ALLS
"__ Fideles" ADESTE
1984 Cyndi Lauper hit SHEBOP
1987 Beatty flop ISHTAR
1994 Sony release PLAYSTATION
2011 Colbie Caillat hit IDO
2012 rival of Mitt and Rick NEWT
37-Across download APP
401(k) relative IRA
Accountant's creation PAPERTRAIL
Accustomed INURED
Admire to excess ADULATE
Aircraft carrier pilot's waiting area READYROOM
Appian Way builders ROMANS
Artwork in a clichéd come-on ETCHING
Authority figure HIERARCH
Bach work PARTITA
Beat others to, as sale merchandise SNAPUP
Beethoven's fifth? SOL
Beethoven's Third EROICA
Blowup cause TNT
Brutus's "Behold!" ECCE
Charged things IONS
Colorful arc RAINBOW
Complain about PICKAT
Conscription org SSS
Custard-filled desserts ECLAIRS
Cut off LOP
D.C. 100 SENS
Divider of continents OCEAN
DOJ employee ATTY
DuPont acrylic ORLON
Earns a citation? SPEEDS
El Dorado treasure ORO
Emulated Alice DREAMT
Eponymous mineralogist MOHS
Father of Henry II EDSEL
Food spearer TINE
Forbes rival INC
Geeky types NERDS
Giant legend OTT
Golden Raspberry, e.g AWARD
Golfer's slice, say MISHIT
Green of Austin Powers movies SETH
Hamelin critter RAT
Hook's right hand SMEE
Horse play EQUUS
Hrs. in classifieds AMS
Ill-fated son of Daedalus ICARUS
Instrument for Giuseppe's glissandi ARPA
Islamic sectarian SHIITE
Isr. neighbor SYR
It can be hard to refold MAP
Item in a lock OAR
Joey in a Milne book ROO
Judge's determination BAIL
Judges on "Top Chef" TASTES
Killer in a classic "SNL" sketch series BEE
Kroner spenders DANES
Kwik-E-Mart operator APU
Ladies on a lea EWES
Large volume TOME
Less wasteful GREENER
Like LAX, around the clock OPEN
Line in many a dairy ad? MILKMOUSTACHE
Lingerie item BRA
Loaded, in Logroño RICO
Loafer's lack ENERGY
Madre's hermano TIO
Maker of Aspire computers ACER
Messenger molecule RNA
Methuselah's father ENOCH
Mine entrance ADIT
Minute Maid Park team ASTROS
Motorola flip phone introduced in 2004 RAZR
Neptune's largest moon TRITON
Nexus One, for one SMARTPHONE
Noble's crown CORONET
Not so hot WARM
Old Ford luxury car LTD
On the other hand YET
One of the deadly sins LUST
Org. with quarantine authority CDC
Pacific Surfliner operator AMTRAK
Prefix for calling AREACODE
Preschool group? ROE
Pride of a collection PRIZESPECIMEN
Pro __: for now TEM
Region known for its wool KASHMIR
S&L offering REFI
Sacred Indian fig BOTREE
Salon supply DYE
Shoes with a basset hound logo HUSHPUPPIES
Sister of Clotho ATROPOS
Slathered on, as Brylcreem POMADED
Slightest LEAST
Some boas PYTHONS
Some earth tones NEUTRALS
Somme one UNE
Squeal TELL
Street sign abbr AVE
Stuffed, cylindrical dishes ROULADES
Sudan neighbor CHAD
Summoned RANG
Tagged between bases OUT
Taken down a peg ABASED
The 5 in "10 ÷ 5," e.g DIVISOR
They're rarely seen on rainy days SHADOWS
Thornfield Hall governess EYRE
Tracy Turnblad's mom in "Hairspray" EDNA
Train for a fight, say SKIPROPE
U.S. document publisher GPO
Union Sq., e.g STA
Upholstery problem RIP
Valentine trim LACE
Volcanic formations CONES
What Fuzzbusters detect RADAR
Whitman's dooryard bloomers LILACS
Word whose last two letters are an example of it DIGRAPH
Work without __ ANET
__ Nautilus USS
__ Square, adjacent to the Boston Marathon finish line COPLEY
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