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The answer OSTINATI has 0 possible clues in existing crosswords. OSTINATI is valid in some word games. (Check OSTINATI in Word Games) See additional results below.

Possible Dictionary Clues
Plural form of ostinato.
Ostinati description
In music, an ostinato [ostinato] (derived from Italian: stubborn, compare English, from Latin: 'obstinate') is a motif or phrase that persistently repeats in the same musical voice, frequently at the same pitch. Well-known ostinato-based pieces include both classical compositions such as Ravel's Boléro and popular songs such as Donna Summer and Giorgio Moroder's "I Feel Love" (1977), Henry Mancini's theme from Peter Gunn (1959), and The Verve's "Bitter Sweet Symphony" (1997).In RCM, (Royal Coneservatory of Music) a level 8 theory definition for the term ostinato would be referred to as a recurring rhythmic or melodic pattern. The repeating idea may be a rhythmic pattern, part of a tune, or a complete melody in itself. Both ostinatos and ostinati are accepted English plural forms, the latter reflecting the word's Italian etymology. Strictly speaking, ostinati should have exact repetition, but in common usage, the term covers repetition with variation and development, such as the alterat
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