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noun - the value below which 50% of the cases fall

adj - relating to or constituting the middle value of an ordered set of values (or the average of the middle two in a set with an even number of values)

adj - dividing an animal into right and left halves


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Possible Jeopardy Clues
On the road it's a type of "strip"; in a triangle it's a line extending from the midpoint of a side to the opposite angle
Possible Dictionary Clues
denoting or relating to a value or quantity lying at the midpoint of a frequency distribution of observed values or quantities, such that there is an equal probability of falling above or below it.
the value below which 50 of the cases fall
dividing an animal into right and left halves
relating to or situated in or extending toward the middle
Mathematics The line that joins the midpoints of the nonparallel sides of a trapezoid.
Anatomy Of, relating to, or situated in or near the plane that divides a bilaterally symmetrical animal into right and left halves mesial.
Relating to, located in, or extending toward the middle.
Mathematics A line that joins a vertex of a triangle to the midpoint of the opposite side.
Statistics The middle value in a distribution, above and below which lie an equal number of values.
See median strip. See Regional Note at neutral ground.
Geographic Matches
Median, (Region code: 02), (Country code: CS)
Median description
The median is the value separating the higher half from the lower half of a data sample (a population or a probability distribution). For a data set, it may be thought of as the "middle" value. For example, in the data set {1, 3, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9}, the median is 6, the fourth largest, and also the fourth smallest, number in the sample. For a continuous probability distribution, the median is the value such that a number is equally likely to fall above or below it.
* The median is a commonly used measure of the properties of a data set in statistics and probability theory. The basic advantage of the median in describing data compared to the mean (often simply described as the "average") is that it is not skewed so much by extremely large or small values, and so it may give a better idea of a "typical" value. For example, in understanding statistics like household income or assets which vary greatly, a mean may be skewed by a small number of extremely high or low values. Median income, for ex
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