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Japanese syllabic writing.

Any of the characters used in this system.

noun - the Japanese syllabic script


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Possible Dictionary Clues
Japanese syllabic writing. The characters are simplified kanji and are usually used with kanji primarily to write inflections, particles, and function words and to show the pronunciations of some kanji and of all foreign words.
Any of the characters used in this system.
Geographic Matches
Kana, North-West Frontier, PAKISTAN
Kana, (Region code: 00), MALI
Kana, (Region code: 02), LIBERIA
Kana, (Region code: 39), BURKINA FASO
Kana, Central, FIJI
Kana, North-West, SOUTH AFRICA
Kana, Kayes, MALI
Kana, Segou, MALI
Kana, (Region code: 09), (Country code: ZR)
Kana description
Kana () are syllabic Japanese scripts, a part of the Japanese writing system contrasted with the logographic Chinese characters known in Japan as kanji (). There are three kana scripts: modern cursive hiragana (); modern angular katakana (); and the old syllabic use of kanji known as man'ygana () that was ancestral to both. Hentaigana (, "variant kana") are historical variants of modern standard hiragana. In modern Japanese, hiragana and katakana have directly corresponding character sets (different sets of characters representing the same sounds).
* Katakana with a few additions is also used to write Ainu. Taiwanese kana was used in Taiwanese Hokkien as a gloss (furigana) for Chinese characters during Taiwan under Japanese rule.
* Each kana character (syllabogram) corresponds to one sound in the Japanese language. This is always CV (consonant onset with vowel nucleus), such as ka, ki, etc., or V (vowel), such as a, i, etc., with the sole exception of the C grapheme for nasal codas usuall
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