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noun - the dressed hairy coat of a mammal

noun - dense coat of fine silky hairs on mammals (e.g., cat or seal or weasel)

noun - a garment made of the dressed hairy coat of a mammal


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Possible Jeopardy Clues
At North Dakota's Fort Union Trading Post, Indians mainly traded these for beads, cloth & weapons
In 1701 Cadillac founded Detroit as a good spot to trade in these
On Manitoba's coat of arms, a beaver represents this trade, the area's economic mainstay until the 19th century
Possible Dictionary Clues
Plural form of fur.
the short, fine, soft hair of certain animals.
The short, fine, soft hair of certain animals.
A coating formed by hard water on the inside surface of a pipe, kettle, or other container.
Coat or clog with a deposit.
Covered with or made from a particular type of fur.
Level (floor or wall timbers) by inserting strips of wood.
A member of a Muslim people of the mountainous and desert regions of south-western Sudan.
The language of the Fur, an isolated member of the Nilo-Saharan family, with about 500,000 speakers.
Relating to the Fur or their language.
Furs might refer to
Fur is the hair covering of non-human mammals, particularly those mammals with extensive body hair that is soft and thick. The stiffer bristles on animals such as pigs are not generally referred to as fur.
* The term pelage first known use in English c. 1828 (French, from Middle French, from poil for "hair", from Old French peilss, from Latin pilus) is sometimes used to refer to the body hair of an animal as a complete coat. Fur is also used to refer to animal pelts which have been processed into leather with the hair still attached. The words fur or furry are also used, more casually, to refer to hair-like growths or formations, particularly when the subject being referred to exhibits a dense coat of fine, soft "hairs". If layered, rather than grown as a single coat, it may consist of short down hairs, long guard hairs, and in some cases, medium awn hairs. Mammals with reduced amounts of fur are often called "naked", as with the naked mole-rat, or "hairless", as with hairless dogs.
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