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The answer DEXTRAL has 4 possible clues in existing crosswords. DEXTRAL is valid in some word games. (Check DEXTRAL in Word Games) See additional results below.

Possible Dictionary Clues
of or on the right side or the right hand (the opposite of
Of or on the right side or the right hand.
A right-handed person.
preferring to use right foot or hand or eye
of or on the right
Of, relating to, or located on the right side right.
Zoology Of or relating to a gastropod shell that coils clockwise and has its aperture to the right when facing the observer with the apex upward.
Dextral description
Sinistral and dextral, in some scientific fields, are the two types of chirality ("handedness") or relative direction.
* The terms are derived from the Latin words for "left" (sinister) and "right" (dexter).
* Other disciplines have different terms (such as dextro- and laevo-rotary, in chemistry, or clockwise and anticlockwise in physics) or simply use left and right (as in anatomy).
* Relative direction and chirality are distinct concepts. Relative direction is from the point of view of the observer. A completely symmetrical object has a left and a right side, from the observer's point of view, if the top and bottom and direction of observation are defined. Chirality, however, is observer-independent: no matter how one looks at a right-hand screw thread, it remains different from a left-hand screw thread. Therefore, a symmetrical object has sinistral and dextral directions arbitrarily defined by the position of the observer, while an object that has chirality can have sinistral and dextral
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