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Definitions of demand in various dictionaries:

noun - an urgent or peremptory request

noun - the ability and desire to purchase goods and services

noun - required activity


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Possible Jeopardy Clues
The driving force in a free market is supply & this
There's a law of supply & a law of this partner, namely: the higher the price, the less people want to buy an item
Possible Dictionary Clues
Ask authoritatively or brusquely.
An insistent and peremptory request, made as of right.
ask authoritatively or brusquely.
an insistent and peremptory request, made as of right.
Something demanded: granted the employees' demands.
To claim as just or due: demand repayment of a loan.
An urgent requirement or need: the heavy demands of her job the emotional demands of his marriage an increased oxygen demand.
To ask for urgently or peremptorily: demand an investigation into the murder demanding that he leave immediately demanded to speak to the manager.
The act of demanding.
Law To claim formally lay legal claim to.
Demand description
In economics, demand is the quantities of a commodity or a service that people are willing and able to buy at various prices, over a given period of time.The relationship between price and quantity demanded is also known as demand curve. Preferences and choices, which underlie demand, can be represented as functions of cost, benefit, odds and other variables.
* Determinants of (Factors affecting) demand
* Innumerable factors and circumstances could affect a buyer's willingness or ability to buy a good. Some of the common factors are:* Good's own price: The basic demand relationship is between potential prices of a good and the quantities that would be purchased at those prices. Generally the relationship is negative meaning that an increase in price will induce a decrease in the quantity demanded. This negative relationship is embodied in the downward slope of the consumer demand curve. The assumption of a negative relationship is reasonable and intuitive. If the price of a new novel is hi
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