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verb - strike violently and repeatedly

verb - beat thoroughly and conclusively in a competition or fight

verb - to beat severely


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Possible Crossword Clues
hitting forcefully
Possible Dictionary Clues
hit (someone) hard.
Present participle of clobber.
A beating a thrashing a thorough defeat.
Hit (someone) hard.
Clothing, personal belongings, or equipment.
Add enamelled decoration to (porcelain).
Clobbering description
In software engineering, clobbering a file or computer memory is overwriting its contents. The Jargon File defines clobbering as* To overwrite, usually unintentionally: "I walked off the end of the array and clobbered the stack." Compare mung, scribble, trash, and smash the stack.
* Often this happens unintentionally, such as using the > redirection operator. To prevent unintentional clobbering, various means are used. For example, the setting shell parameter set -o noclobber (bash, ksh) or set noclobber (csh, tcsh) will prevent > from clobbering by making it issue an error message instead:
* The default behavior of the mv and cp commands is to clobber their destination file if it already exists. This behavior may be overridden by invoking or aliasing the commands with the -i switch, causing the commands to prompt the user before overwriting the destination file.
* In makefiles, a common target clobber means complete cleanup of all unnecessary files and directories produced by previous in
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