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noun - a loud harsh or strident noise

noun - loud confusing disagreeable sounds

Jarring, discordant sound; dissonance: heard a cacophony of horns during the traffic jam.


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Possible Dictionary Clues
a harsh discordant mixture of sounds.
an unpleasant mixture of loud sounds:
A harsh discordant mixture of sounds.
Jarring, discordant sound dissonance: heard a cacophony of horns during the traffic jam.
The use of harsh or discordant sounds in literary composition, as for poetic effect.
loud confusing disagreeable sounds
a loud harsh or strident noise
Cacophony might refer to
Phonaesthetics (from the Greek: phn, "voice-sound"; and aisthtik, "aesthetics") is a branch of phonetics concerned with "the possible connection between sound sequences and meaning", according to Raymond Hickey. Linguist David Crystal defines phonaesthetics as "a term sometimes used in linguistics to refer to the study of the aesthetic properties of sound". According to Crystal: * Examples include the implication of smallness in the close vowels of such words as teeny weeny, and the unpleasant associations of the consonant cluster sl- in such words as slime, slug, and slush.The application of said aesthetic properties of sound, phonaesthetics, and their meaning in media has yet to be studied extensively. That being said, the study of sound aesthetics is a burgeoning field waiting to be studied by Phonaesthetician everywhere.
* Sound has many qualitative aspects, some of which are euphony and cacophony.
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