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Definitions of bridge in various dictionaries:

noun - a structure that allows people or vehicles to cross an obstacle such as a river or canal or railway etc.

noun - a circuit consisting of two branches (4 arms arranged in a diamond configuration) across which a meter is connected

noun - something resembling a bridge in form or function


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Possible Jeopardy Clues
(Sarah of the Clue Crew wraps things up.) It's the term for my supporting hand, or for a stick I could use to support the cue
A Polish team's victory over 4 Americans in a 1987 tournament in this game was "trump"eted as historic
You're no dummy if you know the American League for this card game was founded in 1927
The Kapellbrucke, the symbol of Lucerne, is wooden covered one of these
Robert Jordan's big mission in "For Whom The Bell Tolls" is to blow up one of these structures
Play Honeymoon In Vegas or anywhere & you're playing a variation of this card game
The WBF isn't full of dummies, it wants this card game in the Olympics
We assume Samuel Barber composed his mini-opera about "A Hand of" this game according to Hoyle
(I'm Anderson Cooper.) I trick you not, one of my ancestors, Harold Stirling Vanderbilt, is known for creating the "contract" type of this game
The first world mind sports games, Beijing 2008, included chess, checkers & this card game
Possible Dictionary Clues
a structure carrying a road, path, railway, etc. across a river, road, or other obstacle.
the elevated, enclosed platform on a ship from which the captain and officers direct operations.
Nautical A crosswise platform or enclosed area above the main deck of a ship from which the ship is controlled.
Something resembling or analogous to this structure in form or function: a land bridge between the continents a bridge of understanding between two countries.
Games The hand used as a support to steady the cue.
Games A long stick with a notched plate at one end, used to steady the cue in billiards. Also called rest1.
A structure spanning and providing passage over a gap or barrier, such as a river or roadway.
Music A transitional passage connecting two subjects or movements.
Music A thin, upright piece of wood in some stringed instruments that supports the strings above the soundboard.
A fixed or removable replacement for one or several but not all of the natural teeth, usually anchored at each end to a natural tooth.
Geographic Matches
Bridge description
A bridge is a structure built to span physical obstacles without closing the way underneath such as a body of water, valley, or road, for the purpose of providing passage over the obstacle, usually something that can be detrimental to cross otherwise. There are many different designs that each serve a particular purpose and apply to different situations. Designs of bridges vary depending on the function of the bridge, the nature of the terrain where the bridge is constructed and anchored, the material used to make it, and the funds available to build it.
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