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adj - suffering from abulia

adj - loss of will power [n -S] : ABULIC

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Possible Dictionary Clues
Relating to, characterized by, or affected with abulia.
suffering from abulia showing abnormal inability to act or make decisions
Abulic might refer to
Abulchares (Greek: Αβουλχαρέ, Latin: Apochara; died 1068) was a Byzantine general of Arab origin who served as the catepan of Italy from 1064 until his death. The chief sources for his catapanate are Skylitzes Continuatus and Anonymi Barensis Chronicon. Skylitzes Continuatus records that Abulchares was also duke (doux) of Dyrrhachium across the Adriatic, but this is chronologically impossible, since Perenos is recorded as duke at this time.Abulchares arrived in southern Italy in 1064, when the Normans were in control of much of the former Catepanate. His task was to travel about Apulia shoring up the defences of the scattered towns still loyal to the Byzantines. In 1064, he took Herman of Hauteville as a hostage for the loyalty of his brother, Abelard of Hauteville, who had rebelled with Byzantine support against their uncle, Duke Robert Guiscard, over a disputed inheritance. The rebellion was quickly put down. In 1066 an army was sent to Italy under Maurex and by 1067 he had recapture
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