Synonyms of "GOT"
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Synonyms of "GOT"


verb - come into the possession of something concrete or abstract

verb - enter or assume a certain state or condition

verb - cause to move

verb - receive a specified treatment (abstract)

verb - reach a destination

verb - go or come after and bring or take back

verb - go through (mental or physical states or experiences)

verb - take vengeance on or get even

verb - achieve a point or goal

verb - cause to do

verb - succeed in catching or seizing, especially after a chase

verb - come to have or undergo a change of (physical features and attributes)

verb - be stricken by an illness, fall victim to an illness

verb - communicate with a place or person

verb - give certain properties to something

verb - move into a desired direction of discourse

verb - grasp with the mind or develop an understanding of

verb - attract and fix

verb - reach with a blow or hit in a particular spot

verb - reach by calculation

verb - acquire as a result of some effort or action

verb - purchase

verb - perceive by hearing

verb - suffer from the receipt of

verb - receive as a retribution or punishment

verb - leave immediately

verb - reach and board

verb - irritate

verb - evoke an emotional response

verb - apprehend and reproduce accurately

verb - earn or achieve a base by being walked by the pitcher

verb - overcome or destroy

verb - be a mystery or bewildering to

verb - take the first step or steps in carrying out an action

verb - undergo (as of injuries and illnesses)

verb - make children